Introducing the Field Kit

Triumph & Disaster Field KitAny journey worth its salt needs a kit bag to support important tasks encountered along the way. Notes need writing, pens need guiding, knives need sharpening, dice will roll, noses powdered for a show, a place to stash Myrrh, chilies for the pot or herbs for a stew.

The road of a traveler can be a twisted tale and the one best prepared, is the one least likely to fail. Triumph & Disaster’s field kit has been designed for the worldly few, a companion for someone on a mission, with things to do. 

Brass hook \ Brass zips \ Leather outer \ Leather pouch \ Domed canvas pockets x 2 \ Mesh compartment \ Magnetic closure \ Leather strap

And here is the back story...

The idea of living a life on the road is a romantic one, just a swag and a few dimes in the pockets, enough to carry us wherever we need to go. Sleeping rough, writing lots, self sufficient, ready for what fate might throw us.

Practically speaking this is a hard life to sustain. Bones get sore, muscles tired, it’s hard sleeping a night outdoors. It gets cold and lonely, before long you can run out of places you want to go.

But the spirit of the thing, that’s important to keep alive. The idea of being able to turn your back, pack up at anytime and just head out the door. Freedom, that’s a flame we all need to keep burning somewhere.

So it is, with this longing to hold onto such a spirit, the beatnik life, that many of the decisions we make at T&D are driven. Our ‘Field Kit’ is no different.

In designing our Field Kit we set ourselves the challenge of having to pack up a swag bag with the bare essentials for an artists journey. In it would be this kit, designed to house the very core items of any trip, the perfect fold for those pirates who still believe in taking it to the road.

Leather and canvas, hard wearing but soft to touch the Triumph & Disaster Field Kit is our gift to those who believe in keeping that spirit of freedom alive, it is not as important as a song or a poem, we simply hope it assists those who create and keeps them company during long, lonely days on the road.

Triumph & Disaster Field Kit | Foldable Toilet Bag

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