Montecristo Comedy

Monte Cristo Comedy
Some decisions are easier than others; like that time Jesse Griffin (a.k.a Wilson Dixon) came to visit the Triumph & Disaster office and told us we would sponsor his comedy festival shows.

It was a strange kind of meeting, were we having coffee? Was it just a general chat and rumination about life? Were we being told a story, asked for help, or were we part of the act itself? So skillfully were we manipulated that by the end of the meeting we were bowing and shaking Jesse’s hand, thanking him for the visit and the opportunity, saying things like ‘we won’t let you down’ and ‘you can count on us’ someone even muttered ‘are you sure that is enough?’.  In the end we were definitely pitched and tossed and before we could whistle Dixie we had a sponsorship in place – Triumph & Disaster's ‘Late and Loose Shows’.

Jesse Griffin does not think of himself as a salesman, that’s because he is the Jedi master of salesmen, the type to make women swoon and men long to be like him, when you buy from Jesse it’s not until long after you get home and use the product (just long enough for the warranty to lapse) before you realize you bought something you entirely do not need – such is his mastery.

Now we are not saying we do not need comedy, laughter after all is the best medicine; who doesn’t love a little medicine! No we are just saying that from one group of salesmen to another, Jesse Griffin - respect!

We are of course incredibly proud and humbled, to have been sold to by this master of the dark art. Moreover our name will be up in lights as ‘the’ sponsor of the Montecristo Comedy night late shows, our team will be fluffers for the comedians and some lucky members of the audience will get to be lathered head to toe in natural grooming products branded Triumph & Disaster – it all sounds too good to be true, but it is true, thanks to Jesse ‘Jedi Master’ Griffin and us the team at T&D – so wrap ya laughing gear around that lot ; )

Seriously, get along to the Montecristo room on Nelson Street and keep an eye out for prize draws and promotions over the next three weeks. We are super stoked and excited to be part of this event and to have the opportunity to work with Jesse and all the other comedians. Break a leg.

        - Oh yeah and we gave some of the comedians samples of our products, here are videos of them showing their appreciation….

Montecristo Comedy

Runs from 21st April -14th May 2016

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