The Grand Imperial – Trinity Of Beard Essentials

$129.95 NZD

The 'Grand Imperial' is T&D's holy trinity of beard care, encouraging a clean, toned, curated piece of chin music fit to make any self respecting member of the Urban Lumberjack Club (ULJC) proud. Get it, use it, love it, then re-use it.


5.07 fl oz / 150ml

It has been said that you cannot grow a beard in a fit of passion, the fact is it requires a commitment uncommon in modern times. Noble Endeavour our all natural beard wash acknowledges this commitment, honouring it with a cleansing hit to the olfactory’s that suggests peppermint and clay got it on one sunny day. Delivering a cleansing sulphate free foam to remove unwanted grime and argan oil to leave your beard feeling conditioned and resplendent, this is a wash for every beard, every day.

1.35 fl oz /  40ml

Infused with the inherent goodness of Argan, Grapeseed and sweet Almond to treat and calm even the most undomesticated chops. Johnny B is your little friend, the one who has your back, the guy in your corner who will carry your bag. Use daily or as required.

2.29 oz / 65g

W.G. Grace (The Doctor) is widely thought of as grandfather to the modern game of cricket, yet he is almost as famous for his grand imperial. Like all good cricketers W.G was fond of a little spit and polish, a heady mix of linseed oil, liquorice and tobacco juice spittle, used to shine the ball. ‘The Doctor’ our beard balm is a nod to this heritage.

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