We'd like you to meet Frank the Dopp

Triumph & Disaster Frank the Dopp | The best dopp kit
More ‘Brooklyn Brawler’ than ‘Downtown Suit’ or ‘GI Joe’, ‘Frank the Dopp’ is Triumph & Disasters take on the classic toiletries bag.

Bespoke Leather with synthetic water resistant interior, Frank will keep all your goodness in one safe place, fighting fit and street smart for when you need them most.

Leather outer \ Orange synthetic, water resistant inner \ Internal wire frame and mesh structure \ Inside Dome pocket \ Internal Zip pocket \ Water resistant base compartment perfect for wet items \ & half a pound of mojo risin'


And here is the back story...

For ages people had been asking us why we do not do a toilet bag, the answer was always an aloof shrug of the shoulders accompanied by a vague mutter of nonsensical words. The truth is simply our pride was such that we could not bring ourselves to create a product with the word toilet in it.

Then one day, a modern day prince walked through the T&D doors, his name was Struan (being the Gaelic word for stream), he was tall dark and deadly handsome, what is more he was a man of action. Struan challenged us to make a Dopp Kit that could hold all his worldly possessions, somewhere he could keep his tooth paste from mixing with his shave creams, a safe place for his razor, a handy place for his comb. This was to be a travelling companion, a home away from home for all the components of a morning ritual fit for a Prince.

For Struan this was not a dream, it was a demand, He needed this piece of kit and he needed it now. But, "isn’t that a toilet bag?" someone posed.
"Neigh" was the answer. "If I wanted a common toilet bag. I could have gone down the road for one of those." stated Struan. "I want a Dopp kit from Triumph & Disaster, and its name should be Frank, Frank the Dopp!"

And, so it was that we set to designing a ‘Dopp’ inspired by a Gaelic Prince. A leather ‘hold all’ with synthetic insides to keep things dry. Secret compartments to separate the wheat from the chafe and to hide from prying eyes.

Today when we caste our eyes over Frank the Dopp, fresh ‘new leather’ smell emanating, bright orange innards gleaming like cut velvet, we imagine those that may will one day find Frank a home; sailors, adventurers, poets, musicians, people on the road.

Frank is ready for the challenge, we hope you love the newest member of our team as much as we enjoyed bringing him to life, look after him and he will do the same for you in return.

 Triumph & Disaster Frank the Dopp | The Best Dopp Kit


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