Logic and ritual are two elements that we at Triumph & Disaster most value. In our series My Rituals, we explore the daily ceremonies of those around us.


The life of a magazine editor is driven by a relentless stream of deadlines, expectations and demands. The pressures are quadrupled when that magazine drops a new issue each week, but such is the life of editor of Beat, James Di Fabrizio.


Di Fabrizio leads the Melbourne-based music publication each week as it circulates a new issue, its pages bleeding with upcoming gigs, album reviews, artist interviews and updates on what’s happening around his fine city.


We asked about his rituals, keen to see what keeps him grounded.


What’s the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?


Open the curtains and fill the house with music. It's the only way to start a day.


What’s your morning ritual?


I'm not much of a breakfast person, but walking to work in the morning is essential. I also can't go a day without checking the morning news and catching up on stories that broke overnight.


How do you prepare for those very busy days?


For me, it's important to verbalise things. I'll go through a mental checklist in my head, and say things I need to do out loud to help it stick. I've gotten many a strange look from passersby for it in my time.


What’s your most important daily ritual?


I need to do one thing that stimulates me creatively, outside of work. Whether that be sitting down to play guitar or finding some time to read for leisure, it's absolutely necessary to decompress. Also, I like to call my mum or dad at least once a day. That's important.


What’s the ritual that breathes you most life?


Art, live music, football, beer gardens – these communal, shared experiences remind me that despite all the differences that exist between humans, what we can achieve when united is something spectacular.


What’s the ritual that most brings you peace?


Walking. I could walk forever. Sometimes I wish I could.


How do you wind down at night?


I'm a notoriously bad sleeper and find it quite hard to switch off. But modal jazz always does the trick. Kamasi Washington's latest EP is stunning, while Miles Davis' Flamenco Sketches has me melting away.


Who do you best like to practice rituals with?




Favourite background music for your rituals?


Skating in Central Park by Bill Evans for peaceful ones. Born to Run by Bruce Springsteen for rowdy ones.


Rituals are…


Binding. Defining. Stolen. They're the seemingly inconsequential moments of our lives that may seem insignificant, but without which, we'd be lost.

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