Day 27 - The only way out is through

"The Captains  T&D Team  (lockdown) Log"

Collective thoughts of the group over the lockdown period


Date: Tue 21 Apr 2020

By: Chen Hou  - Operations Manager


Two more days, it was supposed to be.

Now it’s back up to seven. Potayto potaato. Whatever.

Emotions ran dry, activities ran out, and officially down to the last bottle of wine.

Talk about inventory controlled to perfection. After all I only do that for a living.

I went out for a casual eleven kilometre run for the first time in four weeks. This is my distance, as it is just over the halfway mark of a half marathon, and it sounds a lot more of an accomplishment than 10km for some reason. I waited this long, because you see all those people who might have walked a “round the bays” in the past and all of a sudden became enthusiast runners and are flocking the neighbourhood streets during level 4 lockdown. By now they should have gone back to their couches.

I went for a run not because I drew inspiration from some idiot ran a full marathon on his balcony (the guy has perseverance, give him that much, but come on, wtf for?), nor some fitness influencer told me to get off my butt and do twenty-eight variations of a body weight squat. I was simply needing to find some normality in all of this mess.

The old knees asked me to stop just as we entered the final uphill battle, and I told them to shut up, it’s the glutes, quads and lungs doing all the work, so why are you barking. There is always this little voice that jumps out of nowhere via all sorts of body parts and tells me to take a breather. I first met him 18km into my first half marathon race. I got so angry with it and said to it “what the fxxk dude, do you think I came this far just to walk the last 3 k’s? What’s wrong with you”. Then the fuckwit went away.

I guess there’s no point to this blog, other than,

Keep going son, you didn’t come this far just to come this far.


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