Blanco in Best Deodorants For Men

Triumph & Disaster's Blanco Deodorant is featured in the GQ list of Best Deodorant's for Men.
GQ writes 'A modern-day apothecary and skincare foundry, Triumph & Disaster, founded by retired New Zealand professional cricketer Dion Nash, has added a second deodorant to its range, one that works with the body to limit excess moisture and control bad aromas. Unlike the spicy frankincense bay leaf and clove-infused signature deodorant; Blanco – in part named after one of Nash’s heroes, a rugby fullback from the 1980s – has a fresh and uplifting scent with a lightness of touch concocted with a hypnotic blend of sun-drenched exotic ingredients. Infused with kawakawa (New Zealand pepper tree), bergamot oil (a mediterranean citrus with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties), lime oil (an astringent cleansing and toning agent for oily, congested or acne-prone skin) and organic lavender, Blanco actively helps limit body odour by impairing the bacteria that create it. The natural benefits of sodium bicarbonate are utilised to help calm perspiration and neutralise body odour; baking soda is an alkaline, meaning it counteracts the bacteria-loving acids in sweat and acts as a balancing agent. Delivered in a roll-on applicator, it doesn’t compromise the body’s natural excretion or heating system.'