The Best Men's Hair Brands On Earth

Dan Choppen, Fashion Assistant at Esquire names Fibre Royale in the list of Best Men's Hair Brands On Earth.
Dan writes 'I have been on a long, long journey to find the best pomade. My ventures have taken me far and wide, exploring all gloopy, nice-smelling corners of the men’s haircare world. Thankfully, Triumph & Disaster have finally put an end to this cruel task with their Fibre Royale. For me, it is the best pomade about. They use a soothing blend of beeswax, argan oil and kawakawa (it’s a real thing, I promise) to mould your hair, but also to help treat the scalp (very important), and not leave it all dry and sad (very bad). It’s a balancing act between strong hold and low volume and delivers a natural, shine-free look. Oh, and it's natural and sustainable.'