Five tips to help you age gracefully

Time stands still for no man – or woman – and neither does aging. Many of us fight it, some to extremes, but time and age will always catch up.

Instead of wasting energy and time battling the aging process we suggest working with it.

Rock’s great chameleon David Bowie, at the age of 67, is aging with the grace and style he put in to every one of his incarnations. (Except maybe that Dancing in the Street video but everyone is allowed one faux pas.)

He has always been ahead of the game and shifted effortlessly through different decades, and importantly has always grown old gracefully and not disgracefully.


Five tips to help you grow old gracefully and not disgracefully


Give your face a good scrub at least once a week (twice to be sure). In short exfoliating helps get rid of the dead skin cells that build up on your face. It will help your skin look healthy, clean and you will feel years younger.


A no-brainer really and something that should be done daily. Moisturiser does exactly what it says – it moisturises your skin and keeps it fresh and supple. If your face feels fresh, fit and healthy then so will you.



You don’t have to go hard or bulk up, but some regular exercise will do wonders for you in many ways. Good for your heart and general wellbeing, researchers also reckon it can make your skin look younger. Researchers at McMaster University in Ontario released a study in April that found even with people they studied who started working out later in life, younger looking skin could be achieved. If you really can’t face exercise then use the stairs instead of the lift. Or walk places instead of driving.



While a diet of cigarettes, alcohol and even intravenous drugs doesn’t seem to have held the aging Rolling Stone back, you should probably ease off the fags and cut back on the alcohol as you get older. Even Bowie, a one-time chain smoker, has kicked the habit. Tobacco and alcohol will both dry out your skin, not to mention a host of other unhealthy things. A few glasses of wine are fine and as with all things moderation is best.



When we left the trees and involved into humans we stood up, straight backed and full of confidence in our new role. For some reason as we age we tend to stoop, reverting back to walking like the primates we evolved from. So unroll those shoulders, suck in that stomach, straighten that back and walk tall. It will immediately give you an air of authority and make you feel more confident.


Age gracefully with Triumph & Disaster.

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