The Natural

All sportsman want to be called naturals, not all are, but all want to be.

To be called a natural means that you're viewed as unimpeded, gifted, not over-coached or overly manufactured.  (Of course, the reality is that even the most gifted athletes do not make it without great coaching, huge amounts of drive and self-discipline and perhaps just a little bit of luck – but lets not let the facts get in the way of a good yarn).

As a rule, these players are more graceful, pleasant on the eye, sometimes appearing cavalier or spontaneous in their approach, to the sports fan they are the definition of what it means to be an athlete.

Players who we call ‘Naturals’ have an ability to let their talent; their instincts, their coordination and their timing - shine through.

The same applies to cosmetics.

By applying engineering that exploits quality, natural ingredients, the latest scientific knowledge, and coupled with a clear focus on performance, it is possible to create premium, natural, uncomplicated, performance cosmetics. 

Products that try less but achieve more, products that natural fit with skin and body, products that are sustainable and at one with the environment – these are the types of products that Triumph & Disaster aspires to be.

-Dion Nash, T&D Founder

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