Stolen in Prague

T&D loves the Czech Republic (Czechia) and we are stoked to tell you about our new partnership with 'Stolen' our latest European distributor.

Craig is a Kiwi and Lucie is Czech, together they are Stolen. And, this amazing couple has stolen our hearts, ahem. Seriously we are excited, seriously excited about working with this great team. 8 Years ago, in an unused warehouse in central Prague, the Stolen salon was born. Everyone thought they were crazy to open it at this location (level 1 in an older, less loved part of town) but the former New Zealand hairdresser of the year and his partner promptly proved everybody wrong. 

They established Czechia's premier salon and built an incredible reputation as being the go-to place for fashionistas and celebrities (a professional football player was there while we were there). The salon space is also a photography and art gallery - some of Lucie’s biggest passions. She also has some of her own work hanging from the walls which were shot at Auckland' iconic Piha Beach.

We spent a day and a night meeting editors and generally getting to understand the Stolen team and the Czech landscape. There is a lot of work to get done but we have the perfect partners to help get us there.





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