Middlesex County Cricket Club Grooming Station

Triumph & Disaster's association with Middlesex cricket club dates back to 1995 - that’s not a typo. Dion, our CEO & founder was the overseas professional for Middlesex cricket in 1995 and 1996. Based at Lord's cricket ground (London) which is famously known as the home of cricket, Middlesex is one of the premier cricket sides in the world, like a  ‘Man U’, ‘Chelsea’ or ‘LA Lakers’ of the cricket world.

As part of the club's pre-season build-up, T&D was recently invited to come along and present the brand and meet the team, we cut a few fringes and exfoliated a few pores along the way.


Setting up inside the Nursery Pavilion, (Lords has lots of cool names for things, like the long room – the place club members watch from, the pavilion – the building the stand and dressing rooms are located, the Nursery – the practice facilities), this was a part of a day for all of the clubs partners to meet with the players, staff, and members, before the new season kicks off.


Triumph & Disaster is entering its third year of partnership with Middlesex, so a 'Grooming Station' for the players to sit down, relax, and enjoy the full T&D experience has become part of our support and sponsorship of the club. 


At the Grooming Station, the players receive facial treatments including a cleanse with Ritual Face Cleanser, deep exfoliation with Rock & Roll Face Scrub, and then topped off with an incredible face massage using Gameface Moisturiser and a few dabs of Dichotomy Eye Serum, around the delicate eye area. 


Players (and coaches) can get their hair cut and styled using either Ponsonby Pomade, Fibre Royale, or Coltrane Clay, with a spritz of Karkare Sea Salt Tonic, or a little beard trim with some Old Fashioned Shave Cream.


Always a popular day for the Middlesex crew, it would not be possible without the amazing talents of Talitha Maddison (Barber and artist) and Celine Bopp (skin therapist and mystic). This awesome double act never fails to ensure players skin and hair get match fit and ready for the season ahead – as one of Dion’s old coaches used to say, ‘if you cannot play like a cricketer the least you can do is look like one’.


Viva la Middlesex 2019!



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