Killer Hair Party - The Industry Sessions Album Review

T&D Killer Hair PartyFast forward to 8.47pm, October 1, 2015 at The Monte Cristo Room Toto, Auckland Central…..

From the back of the room an old school walking procession of brass and bravado appeared in the shape of the “in your face” Barrow Street Brass Band. They literally blew the socks off one of our customer competition winners, Yolande, who emailed us on Friday …....late, late morning.

Hi guys,
You said a lot of thankyou's last night - well it is your turn now!!  THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for having me along to your Killer Hair Party last night.  I didn't know what to expect but honestly, I truly believe I enjoyed myself more than anyone else at the event.  My face ached from smiling so much.  My friend commented that I looked so happy and I told her "well, how often do you get to see a brass band right in your face?!”
 I surely had my hair blown right back and really appreciate the awesome experience.  Feel free to invite me again :-)
P.S. My husband LOVES the Coltrane Clay!  So thank you for the goody bag as well.

Rewind to late July 2015 at T and D HQ.

11.04am Meeting Begins
“So, everyone agrees a Thursday night late September early October works?”
“Yep, sounds cool.”
“Goals for the party?”
“Newport Island Jazz Fest theme….a wicked, wicked party…. guests not feeling like working the next morning…a killer party”
“Right, done!”
11.07am Meeting Ends

And that was that! Well there was, of course, the subsequent discussion around how we go about making this WICKEDLY KILLER but in a sense, that was the main “take” I got out of the initial planning meeting.


No need to bore you with how it all came together, suffice to say the entire T & D Australasian Team came together and worked their butts off to ensure our 160 plus guests from retailers to customers to friends and family had a memorable night Triumph and Disaster styles.

Our guests looked amazing in their Boho/Mad Men Chic garb, yep, that’s what I said. They headed downstairs greeted with a T and D inspired cocktail, developed by our super cool friends at Bombay Sapphire. Be it the honey inspired “Coltrane”, the cucumber and minty “T and D” or the vibrant raspberry hue of the “Ponsonby” 

From there some of our guests took up the unique opportunity to have their hair styled or get some advice from industry legend Paul Serville In between times, the cocktail shakers shook , thirsts were quenched and palates challenged by a selection of Moa beer and Man O War wines on offer.

The food, beverages and conversation flowed. The evening was in full flight. MC and close T and D friend, Brooke Howard Smith, addressed the guests and reinforced the evening’s action. Three live acts were to perform along with a poetry reading or two and first cab off the rank was our old sparring partners from Hopetoun Brown. They banged out a set of modern jazz/funk inspired tunes that engaged everyone and set the mood for the remainder of the evening. Off to a cracking start!

Looking around as the evening progressed I couldn’t help but think those Meeting 1 goals were being ticked off sooner than later. Next, Georgia Cubbon did a silky, sexy job of reciting She of the dancing feet Sings then right off the bat Shindig Featuring Dave Ward got the tempo moving with a foot tappin, hand clappin, jazzy, bluegrass set. Our leader and founder of Triumph and Disaster, Dion Nash, then addressed and thanked all who have contributed in the many, many ways to support us to where we are now and where we want to head.

Next the aforementioned Barrow Street Brass Band, socks everyone’s off! blew, not necessarily in that order. Jay Reeve then read the poem If by Rudyard Kipling in which the brand name was inspired and the night carried on as it started with plenty of cocktails, craft beer, great vino and great chat.

The next day was a bit hazy for all but we appreciated the early feedback from some of our retailers too:

"Hey Bro's

Just wanna say a belated thanks for a sweet party last Thursday! I had a thoroughly good time, met some very smart people and enjoyed reconnecting with old peeps. 

But most of all thanks for being genuine and generous! On a night I could've easily chosen chilling out with my kids over another "industry event" you made it something else with great entertainment and an eclectic mix of people and style.

Adrian @ The Gentry "

Looking forward to the next “We need to have a party” meeting……


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