Barry & V

Meet Barry.  Barry is Dion’s brother-in-law. And his daughter, Vanya, T&D’s very first poster girl is Dion’s niece - nepotism being a key component of any successful business : )  

Barry’s favourite things in the world are motorbikes, farming and his family.  He’s Vanya’s biggest fan.  Needless to say Vanya knows her way around a 4x4 and a motorbike having spent her childhood ripping around on farm trails and sand dune races with Barry and her brother and sisters.

Both Vanya and Barry have been huge supporters of T&D from the beginning and were great sports on the day we took these Father’s Day campaign shots. Vanya insists Barry is a well-groomed Dad, we know he uses Gameface and Shearers soap and lately just a hint of Ponsonby Pomade – gotta look good on them bikes.  

We also know he is a gentleman and a champ, we just want to say thanks Barry for being an awesome sport and a great Dad.

Barry & Vanya


Barry & Vanya


Treat Your Fathers Well

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