Baby I'm a Wild One

deciphering the code, west coast air, mind in spin.

energized calm, clarity building, aware, alive, wild from within.

We wanted our new Karekare to evoke sensations like this.  We wanted it to be more than a salt spray for styling hair, we asked it to do a little more.  And we think it’s delivered – in spades. Our Triumph & Disaster Karekare hair tonic will free suppressed, cloistered, unloved hair…. transforming it into wild, boundless style and attitude.  Yes, it’s one hell of a hair tonic.

Created by using the best natural ingredients combined with the best of modern science to produce an exotic hair tonic full of natural salts and essential root extracts, delivering the very definition of wild, dangerous hair. Karekare takes bland, dull, lifeless hair and drags it to the dance floor for one last intoxicating fling.

This bold, all natural hair tonic, is free from petrochemicals and other nasty ingredients.  Working harder than your average sea salt spray, Karekare relentlessly toils away while you play, treating the hair and scalp so it remains clean and healthy and in the best condition possible to flourish.  

Karekare’s abundance of vitality, vigour and restoration encapsulates the very essence of a true hair tonic in every sense… but we love it mostly because it calls out that slumbering, dormant, wild child and says ‘it’s time to play’.

Ladies and Gents – we’ve got a feeling you’re going to love this one.  Enjoy.

Karekare Hair Tonic

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Thanks Raylee. Always good to walk away with just the right cut. And for anyone who enjoys a proper shaving experience – using a brush and quality shave cream – I can recommend the Old-Fashioned Shave Cream. Never thought I would actually look forward to shaving everyday.

Mark Murray April 28, 2017

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