My Rituals: Sarah Selvadurai from Selva Eyewear


We spoke with Sarah Selvadurai – founder & managing director of Selva Eyewear about design, collaborations and inspiration behind her collections


What is the first step in your design ritual for Selva Eyewear?


The first step I take when designing optics is to look at what inspires me. This is an ongoing process for me as I’m always searching for new, innovative ways to express myself. If circumstances allow me, I will try book a trip overseas and fully immerse myself in that culture.  I find when you’re inspired, well rested and your mind is clear, the rest just comes to you naturally.


What brands do you look to for inspiration?


I take inspiration from the fashion industry – I love all collections across COS, Status Anxiety, The Undone and Dion Lee. There’s something about the shapes and structural patterns in their designs that draws me in.


I’m also a big fan of reading through Kinfolk and Harper’s BAZAAR Magazine  - they showcase timeless pieces and trends. 


What do you look for in a brand when you’re collaborating?


I think the most obvious thing for me is collaborating with like-minded brands, but it’s also about aligning with the people behind these brands. I value those who focus on the holistic understanding of their product, more than just the physicalities of it. This includes the relationship between design and function to the use of quality materials and ethical business practices.


What rituals do you following during your design process –


The first thing I decide on is the direction of the collection. Selva’s current collection focuses on everyday essentials, with timeless designs, durability and comfort being our biggest deliverables. Once I have decided on the collection, every step of the design focuses on producing a quality product that adheres to the highest of standards.


Of course, I can’t live without some epic tunes, strong coffee (or a crisp beer… depends on the day) and a clear hear head whilst designing.


I also think it’s incredibly important to stay innovative, especially with my materials whilst staying true to classic, timeless designs that will never date.




How do you celebrate after finalising a design?


Once my design is finalised and in the manufacturer's hand, I like to head out for a nice dinner with my loved ones. Usually, that dinner entails an alcoholic beverage of some sort and a whole lot of reflection of the last couple of months.



Who helps you bring your designs to life? 


I am incredibly lucky to have an amazing husband who is a jack-of-all-trades. He is an eye for detail and the patience to use illustrator… if you know, you know.


I sketch all my designs by hand, so he will transfer them into a digital form. You know what they say; teamwork makes the dream work.


If you were to collaborate with a brand to design a capsule collection, who would you look for? 


I would love to collaborate with COS clothing on a capsule collection. I love their minimalistic design aesthetic and how the quality of their clothes and accessories are really able to speak for itself. 


I’m also putting out there that a collab with T&D would be pretty sweet! ;)


If you were a T & D product what would you be? 


My fave T&D product is Gameface Moisturiser… but if I had to be a T&D product, I would hands down be No Dice sunscreen. I’m pretty pale and would never leave the house without sunscreen, so I’m always prepared.


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