My Rituals: Blue Hamel

T&D Alum & fashion enthusiast, Blue Hamel made the move from Auckland to New York a few years ago,  pursuing his career as a creative director. Here the subject of our latest video delves a little deeper and shares his rituals, skincare routine and his New York favourites.

At T & D, we’re all about embracing rituals; do you have any that you live by that you could share with us?

For me, I definitely do have a morning routine. It consists of me waking up around 7, I put in my airpods and ether listen to my favorite podcast or blast my Christian worship while I do a morning work out just to wake me up. Then, I jump in the shower, using my go-to T&D YLF body wash to freshen up. The next thing is choosing the fit for the day after I've chosen that I do my hair using the Coltrane to slick it back. I then grab my Goyard which has my daily needs, my laptop and my sports gear for the gym after work. Then I’m out the door to the underground to work in Tribeca. I work a full day usually from 9 - around 7:30 or 8 then I walk to the gym in Soho. I will then usually workout for a couple of hours, then it’s home to cook and do my personal side projects and work till around 1:30 am. This is a usual daily routine for me actually haha.

Talking about hair care and skin care… what’s your favorite T & D product?

I have a couple of favorite products, definitely the YLF body wash and the moisturiser would have to be my ultimate favourites. Also the Coltrane, but I’m looking forward to trying out this new deoderant that you guys have just released. 

What’s the ritual that brings you peace, how do you chill out?

For me, the biggest thing where I get to chill/relax is through sport. Its something I have to do everyday ether the gym, a run or a game of basketball. This is where I can really take my mind off work and just have some me-time. 

What’s the key ritual to getting amped up or motivated?

Motivation is in my nature, I know I have a plan and purpose in life driven by my faith and that's what gives me the motivation to continue on the path I'm on.

What rituals do you do to get into the creative mindset?

I don't think there is a particular way to get into a creative mindset, I feel that you always are in that mindset no matter what really. Creativity can often actually happen from mistakes, that is the true beauty of it. It can't be forced or overworked, rawness is always the best state of creativity.

Tell us about your career, where you’ve been, where you want to go

Currently, I've been living in New York but previously before leaving to New York, I was working in Auckland at Ogilvy and Mather. Here I was in a Social Art Director/ Content producer which I worked for 2 years full time before moving to New York for my current role at Annex88. This is where I've been working for the last year as An Art Director. At Annex88 I've been looking after brands from Adidas Originals, Y3, Moncler and Hugo Boss. Very fortunate to have been able to work with some of the world's leading brands in the digital space.

Also on the side of this, I've been building a couple of different businesses and working with my own teams I build around the personal client's needs and job specifics. This is where I get to really push the boundaries and bring to life my true creative techniques. Also within this, I create content for brands which then I post on my channel to help promote the brands I work with and alongside. 

The future for me is definitely to learn and grow more in the creative space. Especially being in New York I've learned so much already through working for Annex88, and their incredible clients and also just from doors that get opened up in such a massive but exciting place to be. For me, I want to always be learning and growing so if I'm still growing and learning that's something I feel sparks my creativity. 

Tell us about finding inspiration, when does it come to you easiest?

For me finding my inspiration can honestly be from anything really, a place where I do end up thinking about things is when I take some time to my self and go for a run or play sport. Its usually in the places you don't always expect to find it and you do. Also today social media is another place that definitely has opened channels for people to gather mood boards and archives to tap into and find their creative inspiration.  

What are your travel essentials?

Honestly, I would have to say I'm the worst packer in the world haha. Everything for me is essentials haha. But my definitely go-to things are my Supreme Rimowa, LV prism duffle bag, and my laptop haha. My laptop is something that always comes with me no matter what. 


Tell us about your New York favorites

New York is full of amazing spots and restaurants but my favorite go-to spot that we do our friends family dinner every Sunday night is KIKIS in lower eastside/ Chinatown. It's such a vibe there and it's greek we call it your mother greek food. My favorite dish is ever the Horiatiki salad(greek salad) or the Mamas Roast Oven chicken.  

Another favorite restaurant would be Birds of a Feather is an amazing fusion traditional Chinese place. 

My favorite place to go do work at is either Soho house or Public Hotel mostly go to Public because its close to home and also is in SoHo/lower east side which is the area I spend most of my time.


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