Don't roll the dice with your sunscreen

As a cricketer there were times I rolled the dice on the field, took a chance and ran with the wind at my back so to speak. But when it came to protection from the sun I was never so bold. In all my years standing in the heat, I learned a thing or two about sunscreens: which ones left your skin greasy and oily, which ones stung your eyes and which ones let you fry.

Now I’m older it’s even more important to me that what I put on my skin is both effective and safe. As a former cricketer who makes skincare, a great sunscreen was always on my wish list for our range. But sunscreens are not easy, especially good ones, and after a year of research we discovered that they can also use some pretty awful stuff in the name of protection. We knew we could do better so we set out to make NO DICE.



The first goal was to get rid of denatured alcohol, a cheap nasty ingredient that acts to carry other ingredients into the skin. It’s harsh so can strip the natural oils that protect our skin, you will know it’s there, it’s that burning sensation you feel when the cream hits your skin. In short it has no place on your face.



The second goal was to be as natural as possible without compromising performance or safety; No Dice has ended up being 87% natural having harnessed the natural qualities of Zinc and Titanium dioxide (the stuff we use on baby’s nappy rash) to incredible effect. We do not use Nano-technology which is unproven and in our opinion un-safe, just the latest, smartest, green science to make these two great ingredients even more powerful.

The science we have used is unique to Triumph & Disaster and delivers a proven SPF50 rating without turning you white like a normal 50 SPF block would. (No Dice is tested to AS/NZS 2604:2012, ISO 24444:2010, ISO 24443, FDA (2011) Cert)



Thirdly we made sure we were broad spectrum, meaning we block both UVA and UVB, this is actually very important as not all sunscreens do this.



Finally we focused on making a sun protection that was useable and discreet. This meant making a dry, non greasy and truly non whitening sunscreen, one that does not smell like other sunscreens, one you can wear to the dance or with your best getup on and not worry if you are letting the show down by smelling like a pineapple or looking like a clown.

In short I’m super proud of this revolutionary, technologically advanced, safe, one of a kind sunscreen. As a former cricketer I stake my reputation on its performance, I hope people will enjoy using it and look great and feel safe when they do.

Whenever you go into the sun this summer, think No Dice.

Dion Nash
Triumph & Disaster


In the USA in the early 20th century gambling with dice was illegal so gamblers went to some pains to hide their dice from the long arm of the law as courts would sometimes throw out cases if the dice weren't offered in evidence. It is very likely that the 'no dice - no conviction' ruling is the source of the saying 'no dice'.

 Triumph & Disaster No Dice Sunscreen


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