The Night Shift

At Triumph & Disaster, we have long preached the benefits of a regime focused approach to skin health and that the discipline of constant improvements every day is the true pathway to great skin. Underlying this premise is a belief that human skin is amazing, perhaps the most amazing organ of the human body, and as a skincare brand, our role is simply one of facilitator and trainer, a personal coach for your skin if you will.


As a product range T&D has been developed specifically to deliver honest formulations and sound science-based skincare that works with the skins natural rhythms. We do this by utilising natural ingredients from an ethos that treats skin with respect and with the single-minded goal of coaching it to health.


Our latest releases, ‘Dark Moon’ hydrating cream and ‘Dichotomy’ eye serum we have labelled as the ‘Night Shift’, because they are like workers that come in and relieve their daytime peers with a different set of skills but with the same hardworking attitude and principles needed to get the job done.


Dichotomy treats the eyelids and skin around the eyes when they are at their most relaxed and receptive. At night the benefits of dichotomy can be optimised and the rich combination of natural science and ingredients can work to full effect. 



Norwegian kelp, Persian silk and Gotu Kola reduce sagging skin and dark circles caused by dehydration, stress and lack of sleep. This bespoke formulation optimizes hydrous flow and controls water circulation reducing unnecessary puffiness. Collagen production is promoted to support blood vessels and improve skin elasticity and ‘crows feet’ are dealt to by promoting the synthesis of essential lipids and proteins essential to healthy, youthful looking skin. 


‘Dark Moon’ hydrating cream has been engineered so the rich benefits of Kakadu plum, Swamp maple, and Rosemary can unleash a triumvirate of Vitamin C to promote the fundamentals of collagen synthesis. Indulged with proven procollagen and pro-elastin qualities this formulation focuses on creating a rich platform for the body’s natural collagen manufacture to work its magic while the body sleeps.

Dark Moon, unlike many night creams, is incredibly light to the touch, because less is more when it comes to supporting repair, especially at night when our bodies are at rest. Heavy, thick night creams take a lot of processing and use up vital energy best utilised for repair, we prefer to keep things potent but light, delving deep to facilitate the body’s natural repair process as we sleep.


So the night shift has been created to round out a full skincare regime, one that creates healthier, ‘fitter’ skin so you can feel great and be more confident knowing you have done the work. We lay our reputations on the line by saying the combination of ‘Dark Moon’ & Dichotomy is the perfect postscript to round out a complete skincare regime. 

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