Rituals to Remedy Shaving Woes

From a constellation of angry red spots to exposed open wounds, shaving woes sometimes result in unwarranted theatrical scenes of mythical proportions. This is especially the case if you intend to use your razor striving for Tristan Brad (Legends of the Fall) but instead become Tyler Brad (Fight Club).

The good news is that even though you might feel like a minotaur whilst attempting an unsuccessful shave, most shaving woes are relatively easy to defeat with the help of simple, steady rituals. So here are our top three shaving woes (don't worry we've all been there), and each with a ritual remedy.

1/ You made the cut

Nope sorry not on to the next round, you just swiped yourself with your own razor. 

Ritual Remedy: Slow down, examine your technique, refresh your blade and don’t forget to prepare.

On this point we’re going to have to ask you to fall on your sword and own your own bad habits. Rushed, long, quick razor passes may lure you with the notion of saving time, but they result in a clogged razor that easily ‘skips’ leaving you looking like you’ve left the ring instead of the bathroom.

Our trick is to slow down and refine your technique with shorter passes, rinsing your blade throughout. For your chosen blade avoid the dull, stay sharp and replace regularly. A dull blade will irritate skin, where a smooth one will glide effortlessly like Patrick Swayze; a good shaving cream in preparation is your dance floor.

Our Old Fashioned with key ingredient ‘Lanolin’ a natural oil, gives you that winning glide.

2/ Getting a Shave that’s Close Enough

You’ve got the faith to make it safe and clean, but your shave’s still not close enough.

Ritual Remedy: Position your razor at the right angle, and once again preparation.

The perfect moment to shave is after a hot shower or hot towel, when the pores are open. Use a shaving brush, our Silvertip Fibre Brush is pretty good (vegan, easy to look after and allows you to apply shaving cream like a pro), with a slick, gentle foaming shaving cream, like our Old Fashioned. This allows you to lift hairs gracefully so you can make it all work like a dream. 

The best angle for your safety razor is 30 degrees; makes your shave close and sure. 

3/ You’re irritated and burning

Small bumps are an annoyance at best, or worse downright painful.

Ritual Remedy: Make sure your skincare is gentle for the post-shave ritual (don't forget this last step) and did we mention prep? 

Less is more, especially when it comes to your face. Using natural products that are ideal for sensitive skin and keeping your face well nourished between and after shaves will help reduce irritation.

The golden rules of wet shaving are: Go with the grain and prepare, take the time to check your growth pattern and go easy with the razor after you’ve lathered. If you’re looking smooth post shave, don’t forget the aftercare.

Logic Toner will clear pores, leaving skin taut and a great daytime moisturiser like Gameface will treat and protect your skin, locking in the good stuff. If still in doubt speak to The Master (Barber that is) who can talk to you about razor options, word on the street is less is more when it comes to blades too.

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