How To Care For Your Skin this Summer

For those of us domiciled in the Southern Hemisphere, summer has certainly arrived in full force and this hotter weather brings with it a fresh set of skincare issues. Sun, heat and sweaty, oily skin can all be an issue in the warmer months but there's a particular way of caring for your skin in these conditions.

As we migrate outdoors and embrace the sun it is easy to forget our skin might need a little time to adjust. Having been largely covered up all winter you can’t just thrust it into the light. If you rush it you might well end up looking like a clown who has just run a marathon. Red-faced and sweaty is not a good look in anyone’s book.

Here are a few tips to stay cool in the summertime.



The hotter weather can lead to sweatier skin and greasier pores so it's important to keep up your cleansing ritual during summer. Exfoliate once a week and use a good cleanser and body wash. It’s important not to strip your body of its natural oils so it doesn’t overproduce in the hotter weather. Work with your skin and not against it. Over-cleaning, drying out and stressing out your skin can trigger oil excess production so Logic Toner is your best friend, mate. 



Too much sun, salt water and heat can dry out the skin, so it’s important to use a good moisturizer, especially on the face. But, don't forget about the rest of your skin - as we shed layers of clothing, we expose more skin to the elements and need to repair and replenish it accordingly.

You can also help hydrate your skin by drinking enough water and eating fruit and vegetables. They are not just healthy but also contain a lot of water, which is slowly released and will help in the fight against dehydration.




Without a doubt, the most important thing to do is to protect your skin from the relentless sun. Too much sun is bad for your skin in so many ways, from increased risks of skin cancer to ageing effects. Also if you get sunburn it reduces your skin’s ability to release excess heat, so it’s harder to cool down.
Use a sunscreen with a high SPF factor. It also helps to pick one that won’t leave your face looking like a ghost and smelling like a pina colada.

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