Animal testing

Its ok to eat fish because they don’t have any feelings. Kurt Cobain


Imagine the world without pets.

Can’t do it, we love our animals too much.

But as the statement above reveals in a way that only Kurt Cobain can, we are all hypocrites, well most of us anyway. We go fishing, eat meat, have cheese on crackers, and pull on our woolen socks. Yep, when required we can close our eyes with the best of them.


But there is a line, a line we can draw and remain on the right side of and that is the animal testing line. You know the one with the rabbits in cages and the mice in the maze, white strobe lights flickering while Pavlov’s dog salivates in the corner.


Ok we are being a little provocative but in truth this is a real line and one that from day one T&D vowed never to cross.


Today, over ten years after selling our first face cream we are proud to say we still do not test on animals other than ourselves.


Of course, this is not unique, many brands take this ethical stance, and we applaud each and every one of them for doing so. The more people who understand how unnecessary it is to test our products on animals the more we can move on together as an industry with our heads held high.


So how do you know we are telling the truth? And what are we practically doing to ensure we do not test on animals? Well in fact it’s illegal to sell our products in Europe if we do test on animals, so in order to follow the rule of law we have to have transparency over our formulations, our testing practices and supply chains.


Don’t believe us? – you can read it here;

‘On 11th March 2013 the full ban came into effect and it is now illegal to market or sell cosmetics in the EU where the finished product or ingredients have been tested on animals.’


Where there are countries that still demand testing on animals, we do not sell there, or we only sell online via international sales platforms so that we do not have to comply with the local cosmetics authorities thus avoiding the need to comply with local regulations.


Finally, we want to emphasize we are sincere in our commitment and true to our statement – we will never test on animals, other than ourselves. Moreover we seek transparency from our suppliers, we demand the highest level of ethics from our formulators and we set our own standards high, because we love our pets and it’s the right thing to do as humans

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