Triumph & Disaster's Moisturising Advice

Place a small amount on the palm of your hand

Massage into face and neck for a natural,
soothing and hydrating experience.
Adjust the amount to suit, dry skin may need a larger
amount oilier skin types will require less.

Massage until absorbed & attack the day

Men have different needs and different wants from the oils and creams they put on their skin. They have larger pores and in general oilier skin but most of all, the way they use moisturiser is different to women. Men don’t want to rub it into their hands after they have finished, they don’t want it tacky so makeup sticks and they don’t want to smell of rose petal.

With these facts in mind Triumph & Disaster set out to create the blueprint for men’s moisturiser, light and non-greasy, easily absorbed and light on the skin whilst being full of actives to tighten and treat the face.
This was achieved by infusing the goodness of Jojoba Extract, the healing properties of Horopito oil, the lift and tightening of Ponga (Cyathea Cumungii) Fern and the all round properties of Vitamin E – the result is Gameface, a guys moisturiser that’s better than the girls ones.