Any daily skincare routine worth its salt must have an ethos of protection at its core.
Because its dangerous out there; gamma rays, solar heat spots, relative humidity and that's all before you have even left the house,
so its important to wear protection, keeping your skin safe by locking in the good, and keeping out the bad.


Why: The suns UV rays are just as damaging in winter as they are in summer. 
Lock in your skins good oils by applying a good sunscreen that also protects your face against 

UVA and UVB rays and other harsh elements. 
Look for a natural  'Block' sunscreen that does not contain any nasties such as Oxybenzone.

When:  This may vary depending on the day, and the elements you are about to face.
But we recommend any time you are heading outdoors for extended periods and
of course at all times during high summer.

How:  We recommend No Dice sunscreen:
1. Apply liberally on your face 15 minutes before sun exposure
2. Reapply after swimming
3. Reapply at least every 2 hours.

Lip balm

Why:  Lips tell a lot about a person, so treat them with the respect they deserve.
Keep them soft, voluptuous and primed by applying a good lip balm that will put up the good fight on your behalf
against the  sun, the wind and the bitter cold. Seek out one with natural ingredients that will help protect,
nourish and hydrate but will also look after our mother earth (because no lip is that special).

When:  This may vary depending on the day, and the elements you are about to face.

How:  Apply to the lip area, and reapply as necessary.

we recommend:

Triumph & Disaster No Dice



No Dice is an SPF50 sunscreen that is natural, non-greasy and non-whitening. Utilising Green Tea and Jojoba extracts to naturally nourish the skin, and Zinc and Titanium to fight off the UVA and UVB rays. Make no mistake, this is war.

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