The final step in our day is to nourish and hydrate, to set ourselves up for what fate will throw when a new day breaks.


Why:  At the end of the day moisturise clean skin to trap in the good oils and keep the skin plump and translucent.  Choose a night time moisturiser that best suits your skin’s needs – whether that is the same as your day cream, or a specific night time formulation - that will be a matter of choice and need.

When:  Every evening

How:  Apply a small amount of moisturiser all over your face and neck. 

  Gently massage in.

Eye Serum

Why:  The skin around our eyes is more delicate, more prone to dryness, and quicker to show age and fatigue.  Use a refined eye serum to nourish and hydrate the eye area, to reduce puffiness, and the appearance of dark circles.

When:  Every morning

How:  1. Only a small amount of eye serum is required.  Gently dot the serum under the eye area and pat gently with your fingers, moving from the bridge of your nose and working out towards your ears.

2. Leave for a minute to soak in.

we recommend:

Gameface is a nourishing, non-greasy face moisturiser that assists in regulating oil, calms blemishes and provides tone and lift. Gameface will prime your skin, so you’re prepared for whatever challenges tomorrow brings.

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