Thursday, April 10th, 2014, was our official launch into Australia.

In keeping with things T&D we held a 'Speakeasy' event for retailers, media, friends, family and persons of interest, who all braved the wind and rain to attend a night of celebration. Upon entry guests were asked to wash their hands using Triumph & Disasters ‘Shearers Soap’ before being handed a glass of ‘bootleg liquor’, (Read Westwind's Gin cocktail or a bottle of Moa Beer) to whet the whistle.

The tone of the evening was set by Tottie Goldsmith (member of the Chantoosies) who soulfully read the Rudyard Kipling poem ‘IF’. The poem is advice from a father to a son on how to be a man, it gives our brand its name and perfectly reflects both the positioning and the ideology of T&D.  

During the night guests were treated to two wonderful bluesy sets from local musicians Helen Corry & band of the moment 'Bonjah' before a short speech officially launched the brand and the party proper.    

T&D’s Australian General Manager, Sian Holder told of the brands growth to date with over 300 accounts worldwide including names like Selfridges and Fred Segal. Holder explained that although it was only early days in Australia, already an enviable list of independent accounts are stocking the brand and that the goal is to add to this list by targeting influential retailers in each state as well as adding to the core products later in the year with a face sunscreen called ‘No Dice’. 

The night was a great success and for the T&D team marks a line in the sand that says we are now underway in the land of OZ - let the hard work  and fun begin.

Special mention of those who gave their time and energy and also to our sponsors on the night;

    Captains of Industry, Melbourne City - The Speakeasy venue


    The T&D Team with Captains of Industry Owner Alan and Barber Sam
    (left to right - Sam Fordyce, Dan Plested, Dion Nash, Sian Holder, Alan Beverley)

    T&D Shearers Soap

    Shave Cream, YLF, Gameface, Travel Kit, Shearer's Soap, Rock & Roll Suicide Face Scrub

    Dion Nash (T&D Founder) enjoying a Moa Beer


    The bootleg liquor - WEST WINDS Gin cocktails


    Ritual hand washing as guests arrive

    Australian T&D Team members 

    Guests received a whiskey & facial in the Captains barbershop


    Alan Beverley & Sam Fordyce (Captains of Industry)

    Tottie Goldsmith & Dion Nash

    Jason Chan - WEST WINDS Gin Founder and local mixologist

    Cocktail preparation

    Jared Acquaro (Oscar Hunt / A Poor Mans Millions)

    The Vanishing Elephant Melbourne team (Denny, Sian, Jack & Lucy)

    Gentlemen from Oscar Hunt

    Rowan (Barber at Pickings & Parry) with Jared Acquaro (Oscar Hunt / A Poor Mans Millions)

    Royce (Beggar Man Thief) & Theo (Captains of Industry) in his cobbler's room

    Rowan (Pickings & Parry Barber)

    Dion Nash & Country Road Menswear Designer Kerrin Schuppin

    Sian Holder (Australian General Manager) & Alesha Blinkhorne (Blinkhorne Foo-tique)

    Matt Kingston & Mel Villajo (Winners & Losers Actress)

    Megu Kuko & Caz Little (Dashing Hounds Mens Styling)

    Bootleg liquor - WEST WINDS Gin cocktails

    T&D Goody bags

    Sian Holder (T&D General Manager, Australia)

    Sian Parany (Vanishing Elephant)

    Sian Holder (Australian General Manager) & Francesca Bowden (NSW Sales Manager)

    Canape preparation in the kitchen

    Tottie Goldsmith reading the poem 'IF" by Rudyard Kipling

    Dion Nash explaining where the name Triumph & Disaster comes from

    James & Tory Schaw

    Megu Kuko & Caz Little (Dashing Hounds Mens Styling)

    Guy Taylor & Tom Dale

    Chris & Brooke Fleming (Brixton Pound owners)

    Rob Pierucci & Amy (Pierucci Mens Outfitters)

    The team from West Winds Gin

    Jason Chan (WESTWINDS gin founder) speaking about the cocktails

    Helen Corry performing an acoustic guitar solo

    Sarah Reynolds & David Morgan (Bonjah)

    Glenn Mossop & David Morgan (Bonjah)


    Lucy (Vanishing Elephant)

    Mel Villajo & James Schaw

    Helen Corry & Glenn Mossop (Musicians)